"Ann was the third realtor my husband and I used while looking for our dream home. We could have saved lots of time and energy by using her services initially. Not only was she our realtor, but she became our friend. Her vast knowledge and experience was evident throughout our home search. We're so glad to have found her! She is truly a gem."

Cornelius and Sonata R.

We Specialize in New Home Sales
New Homes allow you to…

"Build the home to fit the dream, instead of

fitting the dream to an existing home.

Why Buy A New Home?

  • Everything is new.
  • Avoid maintenance and repairs in the initial years.
  • Warranties are usually provided by the builders and manufacturers of appliances and mechanical systems.
  • Energy efficiency resulting from innovations in design and building materials result in lower energy bills.
  • New wiring enables capacity and placement to your specifications.
  • Individual choices in site selection, floor plan and finishing choices reflect your tastes, lifestyle, needs and wants.
  • Conditions and repairs are addressed during a buyer walk-through and corrected prior to closing.
  • Builders have relationships with lenders which speeds up loan application and often includes builder paid closing costs.
  • Competitive pricing due to fierce competition with other builders.
  • During the first year of ownership builders usually make minor adjustments and touch-ups.
  • Enjoyment that comes from choosing a new home and customizing it.